Debunked – Caitlyn, RN, including Studies about Mask Efficacy

A long post popped up on our social media feed during the Coronavirus pandemic, in summer 2020. It was just one of many posts spreading misinformation on social media about the effectiveness of mask wearing. Getting teens & tweens to social distance and/or wear a face mask is hard enough without extra problems caused byContinue reading “Debunked – Caitlyn, RN, including Studies about Mask Efficacy”

Debunked: Flu shots caused Coronavirus

This text popped up in our Facebook feed recently. It was a copy and paste from the above comment on a British Medical Journal (BMJ) and luckily for us there was a handy link to the original. Now this looks pretty official, right?, it’s a reputable medical journal, easily recognised by people around the world.Continue reading “Debunked: Flu shots caused Coronavirus”