Debunked – ‘Factual post about Covid’

Another post on social media claiming to have the facts crossed our paths on social media this week. Spoiler Alert – Social media posts that make bold claims in the absence of evidence are likely to be false. But just maybe this time its ‘not a conspiracy post’, just ‘the facts’ – Lets see… TheContinue reading “Debunked – ‘Factual post about Covid’”

Debunking Misinformation: Pointing out the math is wrong

A post linking to this study was shared across our social media recently. The study published results of a poll showing that people in general have “a wildly overstated view of Covid-19’s impact with respect to total infections and deaths as a percentage of the population”. It took less than 2 minutes to find aContinue reading “Debunking Misinformation: Pointing out the math is wrong”

Debunked – HPV Vaccine kills, ‘What more do you need?’

A picture popped up on our social media feed, entitled ‘What more do you need?‘ with a frightening post about the HPV vaccine and no less than 82 links of ‘evidence‘ that the vaccine is ‘dangerous‘. It was an upsetting picture of a car with a bumper sticker saying ‘In memory of Jessie, HPV vaccineContinue reading “Debunked – HPV Vaccine kills, ‘What more do you need?’”

Debunked: Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed

A video entitled “Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed“, popped up on our facebook feed with a long message full of fear, which roughly translates to: ‘I used to think this was good but now I know its all bad and scary‘. The video shows Rosa Koire being interviewed and begins with a screenshot ofContinue reading “Debunked: Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed”