Debunked – ‘Factual post about Covid’

Another post on social media claiming to have the facts crossed our paths on social media this week. Spoiler Alert – Social media posts that make bold claims in the absence of evidence are likely to be false. But just maybe this time its ‘not a conspiracy post’, just ‘the facts’ – Lets see… TheContinue reading “Debunked – ‘Factual post about Covid’”

Debunking Misinformation: Pointing out the math is wrong

A post linking to this study was shared across our social media recently. The study published results of a poll showing that people in general have “a wildly overstated view of Covid-19’s impact with respect to total infections and deaths as a percentage of the population”. It took less than 2 minutes to find aContinue reading “Debunking Misinformation: Pointing out the math is wrong”

Ventilation Science & Masks – a comparison of 2 videos

The ‘masks exposed’ video was sent to us on our social media feed recently and we thought rather than a debunk, it would be more enlightening to compare it to a video that has been fully fact checked and referenced. So here are the 2 videos, its clear Physics Girl looks at evidence and consultsContinue reading “Ventilation Science & Masks – a comparison of 2 videos”

Debunked – Caitlyn, RN, including Studies about Mask Efficacy

A long post popped up on our social media feed during the Coronavirus pandemic, in summer 2020. It was just one of many posts spreading misinformation on social media about the effectiveness of mask wearing. Getting teens & tweens to social distance and/or wear a face mask is hard enough without extra problems caused byContinue reading “Debunked – Caitlyn, RN, including Studies about Mask Efficacy”

Debunked – HPV Vaccine kills, ‘What more do you need?’

A picture popped up on our social media feed, entitled ‘What more do you need?‘ with a frightening post about the HPV vaccine and no less than 82 links of ‘evidence‘ that the vaccine is ‘dangerous‘. It was an upsetting picture of a car with a bumper sticker saying ‘In memory of Jessie, HPV vaccineContinue reading “Debunked – HPV Vaccine kills, ‘What more do you need?’”

Our Rules of Engagement

I thought I’d discuss our ‘rules of engagement’ with the people we meet on Social Media. These are the people distributing or promoting the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, quack remedy, etc. This blog documents the steps we took to debunk and make informed decisions about the evidence presented to us on our social media accounts andContinue reading “Our Rules of Engagement”

Debunked: Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed

A video entitled “Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed“, popped up on our facebook feed with a long message full of fear, which roughly translates to: ‘I used to think this was good but now I know its all bad and scary‘. The video shows Rosa Koire being interviewed and begins with a screenshot ofContinue reading “Debunked: Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed”

Debunked: Flu shots caused Coronavirus

This text popped up in our Facebook feed recently. It was a copy and paste from the above comment on a British Medical Journal (BMJ) and luckily for us there was a handy link to the original. Now this looks pretty official, right?, it’s a reputable medical journal, easily recognised by people around the world.Continue reading “Debunked: Flu shots caused Coronavirus”

Review: “There was a day when SCIENCE backed all of these things…”

This anti-science post popped up on our Facebook recently, tagged with #questioneverything The above picture is captioned with this text: “There was a day when SCIENCE backed all of these things too and just like today, those research studies were funded by the industry and corporations themselves“ We looked at each of these adverts andContinue reading “Review: “There was a day when SCIENCE backed all of these things…””