Debunked: Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed

A video entitled “Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed“, popped up on our facebook feed with a long message full of fear, which roughly translates to: ‘I used to think this was good but now I know its all bad and scary‘.

The video shows Rosa Koire being interviewed and begins with a screenshot of UN Agenda 21 (not the UN 2030 Agenda). The UN resolution discussed in the short film and the one in the title refer to 2 different UN resolutions; Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. During the film Rosa Koire explains her concerns about Agenda 21. Specifically, she calls Agenda 21 an ‘inventory and control’ plan, that seeks to move populations into city centres and clear us out of rural areas. She is worried about the formation of a ‘One World Government’, amongst a host of other claims.

We had never heard of Agenda 21 or the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and certainly never heard of Rosa Koire, an ‘expert’ in land valuation in California.

We asked 2 questions: Do we need to fear this UN plan for world domination? And why has this been overlooked by the entire world’s mainstream media?

A quick google search suggests that Agenda 21 is a non-binding UN agreement. President George HW Bush signed up back in 1992. Its opposition has been promoted by anti-environmentalist organisations concerned with land use, e.g. oil, gas and coal. Agenda 21 appears to have been superceeded by the UN Millenium Development Goals, which has in turn been superceeded again by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 2030 Agenda is a commitment to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development by 2030 world-wide, ensuring that no one is left behind. 

Agenda 21 is a 351-page PDF, that is freely available on the UN website. We did some key word searches looking for the words ‘inventory’, ‘enforcement’. and ‘density’. Inventory appears 14 times, Enforcement appears 29 times and Density appears 5 times. The agreement appears to be giving advice to national governments about how and what to inventory and making it very clear that the UN have zero powers to enforce that this takes place. It is concerned with issues such as:

  • identifying world heritage sites and primary old growth forests (11.13)
  • documenting the state of degradation of our natural resources (12.29)
  • prioritising animals under threat of extinction (13.7)
  • identifying hazardous areas vulnerable to erosion, floods, landslides, earthquakes etc (13.7 c)
  • developing a stronger scientific basis for environmental improvement (35.7)

In section 14.7 the document makes reference to a global inventory / world watch list and discusses the cryogenic storage of seeds. That sounds scary, but in the context of the agreement its a suggestion that we work together to try to preserve some of our planet instead of destroying it, and save our seeds in a storage facility. The newer document, 2030 Agenda, a 41-page PDF turned up 0 occurrences of ‘inventory’, ‘enforcement’, ‘density’, ‘world watch list’.

Rosa goes on to express fears about populations being forcibly moved into cities, sometimes described as increasing density. It is important to remember here that not everyone’s idea of utopia is an isolated cottage in the countryside! We couldn’t find anything in this agreement about forcibly moving populations into cities, and neither Rosa Koire in her video nor the poster of the message on facebook could point us to any section in Agenda 21, that supports the claim. Section 7 of Agenda 21, covers human settlement, it is concerned with; providing housing through housing schemes, sensitive development of large cities, urban poverty, sanitation, water supplies, energy use, transport networks and encouraging governments to plan for disasters before they happen, such as floods.

The more that we read Agenda 21, the more reassured we felt to realise that there was a plan, someone had thought about this 28 years ago and come up with some ideas and advice about making a list of things we don’t want to loose like; knowing where all our fresh water sources are so we don’t pollute them all!

“UN General Assembly Resolutions are non-binding”


In summary, there is nothing in either of the 2 UN Resolutions that suggests a threatening plan for world domination. UN General Assembly Resolutions are non-binding, all the way through Agenda 21 it says this can’t be enforced by the UN. 351-pages is the length of a chick-lit holiday read and the 2030 Agenda is a very readable 41-pages. They sound a little short for a comprehensive plan of world domination. If there is a secret plan for world domination, it isn’t Agenda 21 or the 2030 Agenda.

This was enough evidence for us to scroll past and decide not to engage or promote this conspiracy. We could go further and look up Rosa Koire or look at how the fictional narrative about agenda 21 is being used to coerce people to protest local planning departments but it isn’t necessary. It is enough to say there is no evidence here to support her claims. The lack of evidence explains why the mainstream media are not reporting her concerns.

Looking up information about this non-factual video that crossed our path, led us to learn more about; the United Nations, locate their website, discover that UN Resolutions are freely available as searchable PDF documents, and we now know there is a difference between UN General Assembly Resolutions which are non-binding and UN Security Council resolutions. All this will better help my family navigate the mainstream media press reports.

4 thoughts on “Debunked: Rosa Koire UN Agenda 2030 exposed

  1. In my many speeches and recorded interviews I clearly state that although UN Agenda 21 is a non binding agreement, in fact it was agreed to by the US and then brought into the US via the 1993-99 Clinton White House President’s Council on Sustainable Development, a group which included 10 cabinet level secretaries, energy industry CEOs and environmental NGOs, whose sole purpose was to implement UN Agenda 21 in the United States.

    The PCSD commissioned the American Planning Association to produce a 12 pound book called Growing SMART Legislative Guidebook with Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change. This guidebook contains model ordinances, policies, and laws for the implementation of UN Agenda 21 in land use and it is in every planning department and university ( training planners) in the nation.

    Every one of the 178 nations which agreed to UN Agenda 21 has a Local Agenda 21 plan. THIS IS A DEFACTO BINDING PLAN. I could go on but anyone who is interested should watch one of my speeches or read my book.
    Rosa Koire

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    1. Thanks for commenting!

      While the Democratic Clinton administration signed the executive order, this was following the Republican Bush administration’s signing of the Agenda 21 non-binding agreement in the previous year.

      Here’s a video from C-SPAN of George HW Bush talking about his work in Rio and Agenda 21:

      Quote from Bush: “We found a warm reception among the G-7 and many developing countries to our forests for the future initiative and many US proposals on oceans and public participation, on the importance of economic instruments and free markets were included in this mammoth Agenda 21 document and the Rio declaration.”

      So its clear support for Agenda 21 was in 1992-1993 bipartisan.

      And regarding whether it’s a de facto binding plan, it wasn’t binding… until the elected (Clinton) executive created and signed the executive order.

      One elected executive (Bush) voluntarily signed the UN agreement, and then it was signed into US law by the subsequent elected executive (Clinton).

      In summary, and as we state in the post, it’s not a story worth reporting on, that’s why it’s not followed in the mainstream media. We think it’s important to inform our kids on how to test evidence and look at original sources, before believing the opinions we all get forwarded on the internet.

      Sum Of Logic.


      1. Honestly, you are absolutely ignorant about this. Talking about informing your kids and saying that because it’s bipartisan there’s nothing to be concerned about——ridiculous.
        You’re not doing “critical thinking “ because you literally don’t have enough information to be making a decision on Agenda 21. It’s not a simplistic issue. Globalization is the standardization of all systems including education, law enforcement, food distribution, energy, financial, land use: all ways that human beings affect the planet. If you’re lazy and just accept what you’re told by Wikipedia you’ll set a poor example for your children. What you are is the perfect example of someone who can be manipulated by the rhetoric provided by your city planning department, your educational system, and the surveillance state that is gathering every bit of information about you and your children. If this doesn’t concern you, and it is the implementation of Agenda21, then there’s nothing more to be said.
        You have not debunked me; you haven’t even begun to understand the issues.

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